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VitalDose® EVA

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Celanese’s VitalDose® EVA copolymer is an enabling technology for drug-eluting implants. VitalDose® EVA is a technology platform for reliable controlled-release performance in long-acting indications. Common applications include subcutaneous and surgical implants, intravitreal and extraocular devices and intravaginal rings. Therapeutics in these forms address unmet clinical needs across multiple segments including those in oncology, ophthalmology, infectious disease and Women’s Health.

Celanese’s VitalDose® EVA Copolymer Platform

  • VitalDose® EVA is biostable making it possible to engineer dosing profiles (Zero-order, First-order or other nonlinear profiles) over lengthy rations.
  • The polymer’s durability ensures implants can be reliably removed to halt therapy when required.
  • High drug loadings (>75%) are possible while maintaining desired tactile properties.
  • The technology platform is compatible with proteins, peptides and small molecules.
  • Pharmaceutical formulators and device developers can rely on the clinical history of VitalDose® EVA.
Uses of Vitaldose EVA

VitalDose® EVA Product Form Factors

VitalDose EVA Product Form Factors

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