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Excellent mechanical performance – high stiffness, tight tolerances, dimensional stability, and thinner wall capability to free medical device internal space for integrated electronics and internal components.

Managing processing costs – scalability through higher flow to fill higher cavity molds and reduce production cycle times.

  • Very good resistance to chemicals and oxidation
  • Inherently flame-resistant (UL 94 V-0, some grades with 5 VA)
  • Very high tensile strength (to 200 MPa) and tensile modulus (to 30,000 MPa)
  • Very low coefficient of thermal expansion comparable with that of steel and ceramics
  • Halogen-free without additives
  • Flash-free injection molding
  • Service temperature up to 240°C, short term up to 340°C
  • Very close tolerances possible (to tolerance class T6)
  • Very low heat of fusion (short cycle times possible)

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