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Pibiflex® TPC

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Celanese offers a complete portfolio ranging from soft to hard solutions.

  • Injection molding grades offering easy processability, offer a range of hardness
  • Extrusion and blow molding grades providing excellent melt strength

Summary of properties

  • Hardness from 25 up to 70 Shore D
  • Flexural Modulus from 30 up to 600 MPa
  • Tensile Strength from 15 up to 40 MPa
  • Elongation at break from 300 up to 850 %
  • Vicat 1 Kg/120 °C from 80 up to over 200 °C
  • HDT (0.45 MPa) from 46 up to over 120 °C elastic properties, temperature resistance, chemical resistant, weathering resistance

Pibiflex® TPC Characteristics

  • Good chemical resistance to various chemical substances, oils, and solvents
  • Good wear resistance
  • Easy processing (injection molding, extrusion)
  • Good flexibility at low temperatures and good retention of characteristics at high temperatures
  • High creep resistance, impact strength, flexural fatigue resistance
  • Excellent toughness and elasticity
  • Excellent surface gloss and good paintability
  • Easy to recycle and reuse


Pibiflex® TPC is a fully recyclable material. Production scraps can be re-used after grinding.
Recovered material can be mixed with virgin material, but we recommend not to exceed a percentage of 20%, in order not to alter the compound final quality.

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