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Hostaform® POM ECO-B

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Celanese supports customers with a growing specialty portfolio of engineering polymers and functionalized grades that help achieve both the sustainability goals of our customers, as well as help to meet their technical specifications as global manufacturers. POM ECO-B allows customers to realize reduction in carbon dioxide emission in their end-use products and advance towards their renewable content goals. Celanese believes that this offering has a strong value proposition for customers in the automotive, consumer products and medical device industries where footprint reduction or renewable content is important.

POM ECO-B material uses a mass-balance approach, which means fossil and renewable feedstocks are mixed in production but accounted for separately. This creates a demand for renewable feedstocks while maintaining the efficiency and emissions benefits of Celanese’s large-scale production technologies.

Key benefits and advantages of POM ECO-B:

  • Up to 97 percent certified bio content via ISCC+ (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) mass-balance
  • Reduction in CO2 footprint (GWP – Global Warming Potential) of >50% of CO2 per KG of POM polymer
  • No product requalification required
  • Does not use or contain food or feed crops


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