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Controlled Release

The release of active ingredients from VitalDose® Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA) is controlled by the process of diffusion. A wide range of molecules are capable of diffusing through EVA and releasing over relevant timescales, and release rates can often be tuned by adjusting the ratio of ethylene and vinyl acetate in the polymer.

Beyond manipulating the polymer, device design opens up additional possibilities for controlling and tailoring the release profile of a drug. Monolithic and multi-layer drug delivery systems have successfully been developed with EVA, and these products can be made via scalable manufacturing processes, such as hot melt extrusion.

Existing methods provide controlled release of all manner of molecules from EVA – from hydrophobic to hydrophilic active ingredients and from small molecules to high molecular weight biologics – EVA drug delivery systems can be designed to achieve the needed release characteristics.

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