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Critical Packaging

We are a leading supplier of EVA for medical packaging applications such as blood bags, tubing, and nutrition bags. Our EVA can be used to add flexibility as an inner layer, tie-layer adhesion, or outer layer in medical tubing, and in life dependent medical products like total parenteral nutrition (TPN) bags. Come see how we can guide you through the development of fluid delivery tubes, anesthesia manifolds and intravenous (IV) administration sets. We’ll help you develop safe, long-lasting medical packaging and storage solutions.

EVA has been used in 510(K) approved critical packaging and fluid delivery products, including:

Product Product Use
OriGen Cryostore Freezing Bag Freezing Blood and Blood Components
Baxter’s TPN Bag EVA 2000ml Nutrition Solutions
Infra’s Total Parental Nutrtion (TPN) Bags Nutrition Solutions
Victus’s EVA mixing containers for parental nutrition Nutrition Solutions
EVA Gravity Mixing Containers Mixing Containers for Gravity Transfer
Cell Freeze® Cryogenic Storage Container
Technoflex® EVA bags Cryopreservation
HTP-MEDS Innovative Tubing for Medical Applications

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Ateva® G Medical Grade

Design and develop medical plastic products like tubing, devices, medical bags, and packaging.

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gur-product-sneek-peak-300x58 gur-product-page-header-254x200


A high molecular weight polyethylene for artificial hips and joints.

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Vectra® MT® LCP

A Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) for medical applications

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Celanex® MT® PBT

A medical grade thermoplastic for strength, rigidity and toughness.

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Hostaform® MT® POM

An alternative to various high-performance, tribologically modified compounds.

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Fortron® MT® PPS

A high-temperature semi-crystalline polymer with high chemical resistance, stiffness, strength and creep resistance.

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