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Medical Consumable Solutions

Celanese Engineering Materials and Ateva® G Medical grade EVA resins are widely used in medical consumables/disposables.

A wide range of applications/components can be found utilizing Celanese solutions:

  • Fluid packaging, handling and tubing – fluid bags (ostomy, nutrition, stem cell, blood, chemo therapy), connectors/tubes, and corrugated and anesthesia tubing
  • Respiratory equipment – respiratory tubing/filter/valves, mechanical support of respiratory system (sensor systems, pumps, fans, motors, gears, valves, casings)
  • Filtration – blood component filters, IV injection set filters, labware/diagnostics
  • Dental – sports dental guards, sleep apnea guards, whitening trays

We have extensive experience in supporting regulatory documents/certificates to help clients register their products with regulatory authorities. Our deep knowledge in chemistry and processing can help you choose the right materials solutions and develop a stable and robust molding/extrusion process, and our computer aided engineering (CAE) can analyze your design and optimize your process.

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Color Service

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Full MT® Portfolio

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Medical Polymers Technical Support

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Ateva® G Medical grade EVA

Design and develop medical plastic products like tubing, devices, medical bags, and packaging.

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Fortron® MT® PPS

A high-temperature semi-crystalline polymer with high chemical resistance, stiffness, strength and creep resistance.

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A high molecular weight polyethylene for orthopedic implants and medical applications.

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Pibiflex® TPC

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