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Intra Vaginal Rings And Intra Uterine Devices

Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA) can be used as a drug eluting polymer matrix in intravaginal rings and intrauterine devices. Vaginal rings are well-known in the market, and can be designed to deliver drugs to the vagina either locally or systemically at steady rates over timescales of weeks to months.

EVA is used to control the release of contraceptive hormones in marketed vaginal ring products1, and EVA-based contraceptive rings have a high degree of patient acceptability due to their ease of use2.

EVA rings can be used as a platform for drug delivery beyond hormonal contraception, and can deliver a broad range of active pharmaceutical ingredients.  Examples include the delivery of microbicides for HIV prevention3, peptides for systemic delivery4, and chemotherapy agents delivered locally for cervical cancer5.

Celanese produces a broad range of VitalDose® EVA products suitable for intravaginal and intrauterine drug delivery, and provides a full regulatory support packages to customers seeking regulatory approval.

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