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Drug-Eluting Stents And Catheters

Modification of stents and catheters to decrease risk of in-stent restenosis and post-insertion infections and inflammation has become a major area of innovation. Elution of anti-inflammatory drugs and others through surface coatings is one of the most common enhancements of implantable devices.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA) copolymers are commercially established, clinically proven, safe materials to create drug eluting coatings on implantable devices. EVA copolymers have excellent film forming, drug eluting and adhesive properties to allow creation of elastic, mechanically robust and durable surface modifications on various types of surfaces and devices. EVA copolymers are compatible to various solution based and melt based coating processes.

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Controlled Release

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Formulation Support

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Regulatory Support for Long Acting Drug Delivery

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VitalDose® EVA

Discover reliable performance for pharmaceutical drug delivery applications.

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