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Drug Delivery

Develop state-of-the-art drug delivery systems with our pharmaceutical material solutions.

Bioprocessing & Single Use Solutions

Develop unique products that reduce contamination risks and the consumption of resources; keeping patients and medical professionals safe.

Medical Device & Equipment

We’re helping companies design novel products to diagnose, monitor and treat medical conditions and improve patient comfort and care.


Formulate unique taste profiles that patients desire.

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Ateva® G Medical Grade

Design and develop medical plastic products like tubing, devices, medical bags, and packaging.

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vitaldose-product-sneek-peak-300x58 vitaldose-product-page-header-254x200


Discover reliable performance for pharmaceutical drug delivery applications.

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gur-product-sneek-peak-300x58 gur-product-page-header-254x200


A high molecular weight polyethylene for artificial hips and joints.

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Vectra® MT® LCP

A Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) for medical applications

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Celanex® MT® PBT

A medical grade thermoplastic for strength, rigidity and toughness.

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pom-product-sneek-peak-300x58 pom-product-page-header-254x200

Hostaform® MT® POM

An alternative to various high-performance, tribologically modified compounds.

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fortron-product-sneek-peak-300x58 fortron-product-page-header-254x200

Fortron® MT® PPS

A high-temperature semi-crystalline polymer with high chemical resistance, stiffness, strength and creep resistance.

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Nutrinova--product-box-200x58 nutrinova-small-mobile


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sunett-product-box-300-58 sunett-small-mobile

Sunett® Sweetener

An innovative sweetener for unique flavor formulations.

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